Project Details

Little Mountain, Caloundra. Shadforths.

This fauna spotter project was conducted on several acres of a predominately wet site, consisting of Melaleuca swamp and isolated very large Scribbly Eucalyptus trees. The aim of which was to safely, slowly and proficiently lower hollow bearing Eucalypts without causing impact damage to fauna inhabiting the trees.
Several large Lace Monitors, Pacific Black Duck egg relocation to specialist carers, venomous snake relocation, fossorial reptile relocation, Amphibian location and relocation in addition toMarsupial relocation was required.

Cunnungra ADF site. Independant Tree Services.

The Australian Defence Force is highly conservation orientated in relation to projects concerning vegetation management and the associated fauna management during these phases. Minimal vegetation clearance is a priority and main objective. Specialist arborists are utilised when necessary to lower arboreal fauna habitat to minimise any stress to fauna known to inhabit these assets.
Hollow egress points that contained fauna were sealed and slow roped down to the fauna spotter to asses, capture and relocate. Habitat retention are also priorities on ADF sites, allowing sedentary populations to utilise these vegetation assets.

industrial and Residential area development. Commercial and Industrial Property. Darra. Brisbane.

A large site that required vegetation clearance and associated fauna management to enable project progression. This site was predominately open Eucalypt forest. Excavated arboreal termite mounds situated on large Ironbark Eucalypts on site presented technical difficulties in lowering the trees successfully to enable Brush-tailed Possum extraction and subsequent relocation. Hollow bearing Eucalypts on site provided habitat for Sugar Glider colonies. Several legless lizards were observed onsite and required relocation to designated green zones.

Bells Creek, Caloundra. BMDconstruction.

Bells creek vegetation and fauna management was conducted in approximately 23 hectares of a predominant regrowth area, consisting of a dominant Slash Pine floristic composition. Few Eucalypts were on site. However, as the Eucalypt species was Scribbly Gum, hollow bearing structures were present.
Utilising D6 and D8 Bulldozers and Excavators it was essential to clear the site effectively, professionally and efficiently to maximise fauna survivorship and reduce fauna habitat impact.

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