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Fauna spotter services

Bemrose Wildlife Management Services provide Fauna spotter services to any Private or Public company or services involved in vegetation and land clearance. Governed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (D.E.R.M); under legislation and subsequent Rehabilitation permit, BWMS acts as a consultant to assess and potentially relocate koala's that will be affected on site.

Fauna spotter ROLES

A key objectives of the Bemrose Wildlife Management Services fauna spotter team is to protect the integrity and structure of fauna habitats.

fauna spotter key points

A fauna spotter will act to identify fauna on site, before, during and after vegetation clearance or associated land construction works
  • If a vegetation management plan has been enacted for the site,it is the role of the fauna spotter to act in association with the existant Fauna Management Plan (FMP) or a Habitat Assessment Report (HAR) or any other relevant information.
  • A contracted fauna Spotter work in accordance with Development Approval planning processes.
  • Key objectives of the Bemrose Wildlife Management Services fauna spotter team is to protect the integrity and structure of fauna habitats where practical as well as habitat retention strategies, minimizing the distubance or potential loss to ecological values whilst maximising our clients efficiency that aims to prevent any injury to endemic fauna on site.

Our objectives


To provide a high quality and reliable service for our customers. It is the ultimate objective of Bemrose Wildlife Management Services to maintain conservation and ecological values of any one area.,


BWMS has been issued with Damage Mitigation and Rehabilitation permits to enable the lawful relocation of wildlife from construction, clearance, development, domestic, industrial and commercial areas


Bemrose Wildlife Management Services specialize in the determination of suitable and essential habitat types, the identification of snakes and the subsequent relocation of wildlife to those habitats. BWMS provides fauna spotter/catcher services to our client's within all land clearance sectors. Under Queensland legislation and Regulations it is a requirement to have a permitted Fauna consultant on site to assess the area and relocate wildlife if necessary.

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