industrial and Residential area development Darra Brisbane


A large site that required vegetation clearance and associated fauna management to enable project progression. This site was predominately open Eucalypt forest. Excavated arboreal termite mounds situated on large Ironbark Eucalypts on site presented technical difficulties in lowering the trees successfully to enable Brush-tailed Possum extraction and subsequent relocation.

Hollow bearing Eucalypts on site provided habitat for Sugar Glider colonies. Several legless lizards were observed onsite and required relocation to designated green zones.


Successful lowering of hollow bearing vegetation requires a high level of positive communication between machinery plant operators and onsite fauna managers. When positive communication is enacted the job site can progress without issues arising.

Pre-start fauna spotter inspections provide plans on how to successfully contain the site. This action plan reduces the risk of onsite fauna management complications; enabling site progression. Inspections of habitat variations and anecdotal fauna evidence assist in determining the probability of encountering Endangered, Vulnerable, Rare and Near Threatened fauna.


Client: Commercial & Industrial Property
Location: Darra Qld
Completed: 2015
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